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Helping to Develop Your Child’s Self-Confidence

by Tina on February 10, 2012
category: 5 – 12 years (kid)

Self-confidence is not something that automatically develops on its own. It is something that a parent needs to help their child to grow. It is very important for your child’s growth and development that he or she cultivates a healthy body image and a healthy level of self-confidence. The earlier you can help your child with this the better. Having a poor self-image and little self-confidence can lead to a number of problems for your child’s emotional, psychological and social well-being and can affect the way your child relates to his/her peers.

children There are some very important ways in which you as a mother can help your child to develop self-confidence and to help him to feel as good about himself as possible. There are numerous ways that you can boost your child’s self-confidence. Here we look at some of those ways:

Be a Positive Role Model

Your child is watching the things you do and listening to the things you say. He or she is very focused on you because you are mom. What you need to do is to be a positive role model for your little one. Send the proper messages to him or her by what you say and do. If your words and actions communicate to your children that you have confidence in yourself and respect for yourself then your kids will want to emulate that. Children model the behaviors they see and you are the most important influence and role model for your children. You can make a big difference.

Spend Time with Your Child

Your child needs to spend one-on-one time with you as often as possible. Whether you sit and watch a movie with your child, play a game, go for a walk, or go out for ice cream it is essential that you spend as much time with your child as possible. You need your child to know that you value the time you spend with him or her

Empower Your Child

Do what you can to empower your child. When you do this you strengthen your child’s inner resolve and this increases his self-confidence because it allows him to develop his own capacities. One way that you as a mother can help to empower your son or daughter is to provide him/her with choices. Be picky about what choices you give your child and do not offer too many as this can lead to confusion but do make this available to your child as often as possible. Choices can instill confidence in your child and can help him to feel good about himself.

Give Him an Important Job to Do

Give your child a job around the house or a task that will make him feel valued and important. Make sure you choose one that is age appropriate. No matter how small the job make sure you emphasis to him how important the job is. This will give your child more confidence and will help him to develop a high level of self-esteem.

Show Your Sunny Disposition

Show the sunny and positive side of your disposition. Negativity and gloom are everywhere we look in this world. Do your best to highlight the positive and uplifting side of life. Your child will pick up on this and it will help him to form a positive self-image and it will lead to increased confidence in his own nature.

Create a Routine

Having a routine is vital for your child. Not only does this make it possible for him to know what to expect but it also gives him something to depend upon and it makes him feel secure. When you make a schedule for meal times, bedtimes and the like this provides your children with consistency and can lead to improved confidence. Do your best to stick to the routine as much as possible.

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