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Carousel Link Love for 3.6.2008

by Amanda on March 6, 2008
category: Carousel Links
  • Tales from Labor and Delivery Blog – Have you seen this blog yet? Seriously, great stuff. The blog is written by a Labor and Delivery nurse and she shares her experiences and stories. I really find people’s birth stories interesting. If you have a sense of humor – Check it out!
  • 5 Foods to Rejuvenate Your BodyWellness Junction shares five foods to help your energy level. I know I need all the energy I can get to keep chasing my baby now that she is on the move. This also gives me another reason to put garlic in everything I eat. My husband loves that. Ha!
  • Oprah’s Big Joke…oh I mean Give – Firemans_wife on CafeMom.com explains her passionate take on Oprah’s new reality show, The Big Give.. I haven’t seen the show. I only saw bits of them talking about it on Oprah the next day. From Firemans_wife’s perspective the show really isn’t helping those in need and the motives of the contestants are all wrong.
  • Top 10 Things Not to Say to New Mothers – This article is mostly for new dads, but we can all get a laugh out of it. I have so experienced the first point, ” When you come home from work and your wife is sitting on the couch with your newborn in the exact same position you last saw her nine hours ago, don’t ask ‘What did you do all day? How come you didn’t take a shower yet?’ ” Ha!
  • The Ultimate Blog Party! – The Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5MinutesforMoms.com begins this Friday. It is being held March 7 – 14. Be sure to come by Monday and check out our party post. We’ll have some great food on the grill and music pumping. Maybe some karaoke (just kidding!). For more details check out their instructions.


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    Comment by Lisa
    March 6, 2008 @ 3:36 pm

    Super cute blog!!!

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