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Stocking Up on Replacement School Supplies

by Tina on December 10, 2012
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While most people jump on the “back to school” frenzy in August, few realize that students need new school supplies just after the long holiday winter break. With many budgets stretched to the max from holiday shopping, replenishing school supplies often takes a backseat. Getting the right school supplies for the second half of the school school year is paramount to ensuring a productive school year.

What Will They Need for the Second Half of the Year

Items like paper, pens, erasers and crayons are at the top of the list when it comes to replenishing supplies. Students often use up these items in the first half of the school year, only to come up empty after the holiday break. Unfortunately many stores don’t offer back to school sales in December and January.

Getting the best deals on these supplies requires advance planning. Double up on school supplies in August and September while they’re cheap. Pack away half of the supplies to be used in the second half of the school year. For your student, it will be just as fun as getting school goodies at the beginning of the year.  This is true for children that are home schooled so make sure if this is your child’s mode of learning, that they have new supplies too.

While your student can use the same textbook year round, it helps to restock supplemental books that can be used to enhance school lessons. These books help your student get a head start on their second semester lessons. Music books, workbooks and coloring books will probably be filled up,  worn out, and need replacing. Add in school supplies to your holiday shopping budget and save money on the things that your child needs for school.

New Clothes for a New Season

The biggest item you will need to replenish for the school year is clothing. Your child will need new clothing for the change in season. Have the best dressed child in school with new dresses, pants, sweaters and accessories. Children can be rough on their clothes so it’s imperative that you find quality crafted clothing that will grow with your child.

Even the youngest students will need new clothing after the holiday break. Active play and activities wear out clothes quickly. Get the best skirts, jeans, slacks and shirts for your little one by shopping sales and buying well made clothing. By purchasing quality clothing that can outlast even the most enthusiastic play time, you will be getting the best value for your money.

Restocking school supplies after the holiday break is crucial for school success. Stock up on pencils, art supplies, notebooks and trendy outfits for your star student. Shop online today.

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