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Abiding Monday: Are You in a Funk?

by Dawn on November 9, 2009
category: Abiding Monday,Inspiration

Not long ago, I was in a hefty spiritual funk.  I hadn’t spent any personal time momcrowd_abidingmonday2_300x215[1] with God in probably a month or more.  My life was “fine” on the surface, but I found myself growing increasingly annoyed about everything and everyone.  My husband and children were receiving the brunt of it, which was so unfair to them.  And my husband confessed that he was also feeling spiritually down & out.  Basically, we were a family running on empty.

This has happened to me before, and I know it will happen again.  Maybe you’ve been there, too.  Just in a funk.  I knew I had to snap out of it.  And there’s really only one way to do that: make the choice to snap out of it.

For me, spending time with Jesus on a consistent basis is the cure.  Once a week isn’t gonna cut it.  Not even two or three times (though that is certainly better than nothing).  I know I am at my best – my most patient, my most humble, my most pleasant, and the most joyful – when I keep my nose in scripture and my prayers consistent.

I clawed my way out of the funk using a passage that leapt out at me from Galatians:

7 Don’t be misled.  Remember that you can’t ignore God and get away with it.  You will always reap what you sow!  8 Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful desires will harvest the consequences of decay and death.  But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.  9 So don’t get tired of doing what is good.  Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.  Galatians 6: 7-9 (NLT)

Wow.  That’s pretty straightforward.  Here are some thoughts directly from my journal after meditating on this passage:

  • After verse 7:  “My choice to ignore You has reaped only a shallow shell of what life can be.  I crave vibrancy, a life of memorable moments and gusto.  And when I set out to please myself, I am only experiencing that at a minimum.”
  • After verse 8:  “Thankfully, I am not seeing literal death or decay, but the metaphorical kind is pretty serious, too.  I see the death of my personal optimism, peace, and day-to-day strength.  I definitely need those things throughout the tasks and callings of my life – and I lose them when I forfeit time with You, Jesus.”
  • After verse 9:  “Of course, TIRED is exactly how I feel – tired of my responsibilities as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend, a churchgoer.  And discouragement comes so easily.  Giving up is always a temptation – as well as doing the bare minimum.”
  • “It’s like I’ve been ‘phoning it in’.  I don’t want to be a ‘phoner-inner’.  I want to please the Spirit and reap a harvest of blessing.  And I think the first step – first choice – is to spend time with You, Jesus.  Help me do that daily, even just for 10 minutes at a time.”

Jesus, I pray for any mom out there this week who is trying to claw herself out of a spiritual funk.  Please bless her with the gentle reminder that you are there, ready to breathe new life into her days.  May we all choose to spend consistent time with you.  Amen.

5 Responses to Abiding Monday: Are You in a Funk?

  • Gravatar
    Comment by Pamela M. Kramer
    November 9, 2009 @ 8:18 am

    You’re not alone. What a great post. I’m not in a funk now but I’ve been there before.

  • Comment by Christy
    November 9, 2009 @ 8:45 am

    Thanks for the encouraging words Dawn. I’ve been struggling physically with pain for so long now that I have used it as an excuse not to do my quiet times and I can definitely tell a difference in my attitude and reactions to my family. I’ve done better this week and already feel a difference!!! Keep it up girl… and I’ll do the same! He is the all satisfying treasure!

  • Gravatar
    Comment by Julie
    November 9, 2009 @ 9:27 am

    Thanks for sharing. I, too, am in a funk. Excuses are so easy to find (2 kids, tired, housework, etc) but the truth is I am the only one who can decide to get out of it and seek God to help me. I so relate to your comments about wanting a vibrant life and not being someone who ‘phones it in.’ I really appreciate you sharing your journal thoughts…I’m glad to know I’m not alone and the reminder that I don’t have to stay here!

  • Gravatar
    Comment by Amy
    November 9, 2009 @ 4:02 pm

    Thanks Dawn! Just what I needed to read today :)

  • Gravatar
    Comment by Breanna
    November 9, 2009 @ 9:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing that timely reminder. :) I feel like I need to be constantly reminded of that. Life IS so much more vibrant and peaceful when He’s the center of it all.

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