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Coupon Codes – How to Use Them

by Tina on October 28, 2011
category: Promotion Codes

What are Coupon Codes ? Coupon codes can be defined as being “a method of offering selected customers a bonus in the form of a discounted sales price as an incentive to buy a product or a service.” When a new product comes out it is not uncommon for an Internet marketer to offer a rebate to his subscribers to drum up interest in the product. He can do this by mailing an offer to his subscribers with a special link to the sales page. He would also need to send his subscribers a code that they would then type into the coupon code section on the order page.

Internet Shopping Promotions

In this way, coupon codes can be thought of as Internet shopping promotions. A coupon code is also sometimes referred to as a promotional code. Another common type of shopping promotion that you may see online is known as a link only promotion. Some online merchants choose to offer one kind of promotion to their customers while others will choose the other type of promotion.

If you are one of the lucky ones and you get sent a “linked” coupon you may wonder how you can go about redeeming it. In some instances a linked coupon will have an actual coupon code that can be used to activate the promotion that is going on at the time. In other cases a merchant will send out a special link instead. What will happen in the latter instance is that you will click on the link to the online store and when you check out the discount it will automatically take effect.

In order to redeem a coupon code it is worth knowing that not all merchants go about this in the exact same manner. There will be times when the coupon will need to be entered while you are in the shopping cart phase of the website. There will be other times when the coupon must be entered on the order review page before you reach the checkout. The very first time you are interested in buying something from a website you should browse around the site for the coupon submit area.

If you look and look around on a website and do not see any space where you can type in the code then you should look for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section. Peruse it carefully to see if you can find the information that you need. If there is a Customer Service page then check there if you cannot find what you need on the FAQ’s page. If you still cannot find any answers then you should place a call to the merchant to inquire about the use of coupon codes.

Most merchants will feature a page on their site that will show relevant information about purchases such as how much the customer is being charged, shipping fees for the item(s), and how much money is being discounted thanks to the discount code. You should be able to view all of this information on an order page before you click enter and are given the approval for the charges. If you type in the coupon code but the discount does not show up on the order review page then you should not proceed with the order you are placing.

If your coupon is not working then the expiry date may have been omitted by the merchant because the promotion brought more responses to it than were expected and so it was discontinued. If you are trying to use a coupon that does not appear to be working and you have entered it a number of times without any luck then look for another coupon code that you can use at the same website or look for other coupon sites over the web.

Help Bring an Orphan Home!

by McKenna on September 8, 2008
category: Down syndrome,Promotion Codes,Special needs


The Mom Crowd is honored to be hosting a very exciting raffle!  One of our sponsors, Bethany from The Polkadot Platypus, is in the process of adopting a little girl from Russia who has Down syndrome.  Bethany and her husband will be traveling to meet their daughter within the next couple of weeks and will hopefully bring her home soon after that.  As most know, adoptions are very expensive.  We are hoping that this raffle will help raise funds to help with their substantial adoption costs.

As a way to thank you for your support of this great cause, we have over $2,000 worth of prizes to give away {see the slideshow below}.  Each raffle ticket purchased will enter you into a drawing for all of the wonderful prizes pictured below.   Raffle tickets are $5.00 each and the more raffle tickets you purchase, the more chances you will have to win these great prizes! We will be closing this raffle on Saturday, September 27th at midnight EST and will be announcing the winners on Monday, September 29th, 2008.

You can follow the Balsis’ adoption journey by visiting their blog: www.dreamingonanangel.blogspot.com

Don’t miss out on your chance to win one of these great prizes!

*There are two ways to purchase raffle tickets …

1. Electronically – Click on the “buy now” button below. {Note: When using Paypal, make sure the correct dollar amount for the number of raffle tickets you wish to purchase is displayed. You will need to click “Update Total” for the proper amount to be shown. Remember, each raffle ticket is $5.00.}  Winners will be contacted by their email addresses shown in Paypal.

2.  Snail mail – Checks, money order or cash may be mailed to the address below. Please include a note with your email address so that we can contact you if you win.

Payment must be received before the raffle ends on September 24th to be entered into the drawing for the raffle. Please make your check or money order out to “Balsis Family Adoption Fund”.

Balsis Family Adoption Fund
Raffle Tickets
PO Box 61
Washington, Virginia 22747

We would like to thank the following folks for co-hosting this raffle:

Also, thank you so much to the following companies for their generous donations:

Baby Cakes 15% Promo Code and a Jewerly Giveaway from Pampering Beki

by Amanda on June 4, 2008
category: Cool websites,Product Reviews,Promotion Codes

Our friend Sara at the baby boutique, Baby Cakes, is offering a special promo code to the readers of The Mom Crowd. You may use the promo code ‘momcrowd2′ to receive 15% off any of your purchases.

Stop by Baby Cakes when you get a chance and check out these awesome items!

  • momAgenda Babysitter Info (I could have seriously used this a few times.)


  • Rock n’ Rule Mom


  • Green to Grow BPA-Free Baby Bottle Regular Neck 5 oz Bottle


  • Lime with Raspberry Dots Peony Hat


Who doesn’t love a giveaway?

Be sure to stop by Pampering Beki’s blog to enter a contest to win a beautiful handmade pearl bracelet. Her store on Etsy is filled with really cute handmade earrings, hair clips, and so much more. Also, you will have the good feeling of supporting your ‘local’ mom business.


Don’t forget about our own BlogHer Conference Pass giveaway!

Click here for more details about winning a BlogHer Conference Pass valued at $348 dollars.


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