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Teaching Children About Home Security

by Tina on April 9, 2013
category: 5 – 12 years (kid),Practical Tips

Once children reach the age of comprehension, which could be as young as five for some, it is a good idea to start teaching them important and valuable lessons about home security. It is necessary to teach your children about home security at a young age so that it sticks with them as they get older and ultimately until they are adults living in their own home. There are many ways to teach your children important lessons on home security and safety.


Practice Learning Emergency Numbers

Once your children get to the age where they can recognize and remember numbers, you will want to teach them to call 9-1-1 if there is ever an emergency situation going on. You can explain to your children that calling 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency can save lives. Let your children know that whenever they feel scared or uncomfortable in a situation, whether it is someone breaking into the home, a fire, or any other serious emergency, that they should dial this number.


Finding the Right Cleats for Young Children

Finding the Right Cleats for Young Children

Everyone knows that kids grow quickly and having the right shoes is instrumental in not only protecting their feet, but in allowing them the ability to play their sport of choice to the best of their ability.  Here are a few tips for keeping them safe and finding the right equipment.

Tennis Shoes

Many kids choose a sport and lose interest after a few short games. This makes many parents skeptical because they don’t want to invest a lot of money into something the child may not enjoy doing. Luckily, kids can play the sport in tennis shoes until you decide that they are dedicated enough to invest a bit of money into the sport. You should purchase a pair of tennis shoes for them to use specifically for soccer, though. These shoes will get grass stains and dirty, so they shouldn’t use their good pair of tennis shoes for it.soccer

Turf Cleats

Soccer is a popular game throughout the world. In the past decade, the sport has gained much popularity within the states, and many young people are choosing this as the sport of choice over others. Soccer turf cleats are a bit of a hybrid between traditional cleats and tennis shoes. There are no prongs on the bottom, which brings a disadvantage when playing outside but for young children, this is often the only type of cleats they are allowed to use.

These cleats are specifically designed for playing indoor soccer on turf. Classic cleats are not allowed in this type of environment, so players must use turf cleats. They are more sturdy and not as bulky as tennis shoes, which means they’ll hold up longer. Plus, the lack of prongs on the bottom make them safer for younger children to play in.

Classic Cleats

These cleats are used by the majority of soccer players around the world. They are cleats in every sense of the word. You will find prongs on the bottom of these shoes that help you get traction when running across the field. These classic soccer cleats make it easy to change directions quickly because the prongs dig into the ground.

It also makes playing in wet conditions a whole lot easier. If you were running around in turf cleats or tennis shoes, the lack of prongs on the bottom would leave you slipping and sliding all over the place.

If you’re worried that you child may not enjoy the sport, regardless of your encouragement, it’s wise to let them play a few seasons using tennis shoes. As young kids, you may find it safer for them to play in turf cleats until they really learn the game to avoid injury from the prongs on the bottom of the classic cleats.

Stocking Up on Replacement School Supplies

by Tina on December 10, 2012
category: Uncategorized

While most people jump on the “back to school” frenzy in August, few realize that students need new school supplies just after the long holiday winter break. With many budgets stretched to the max from holiday shopping, replenishing school supplies often takes a backseat. Getting the right school supplies for the second half of the school school year is paramount to ensuring a productive school year.

What Will They Need for the Second Half of the Year

Items like paper, pens, erasers and crayons are at the top of the list when it comes to replenishing supplies. Students often use up these items in the first half of the school year, only to come up empty after the holiday break. Unfortunately many stores don’t offer back to school sales in December and January.

Getting the best deals on these supplies requires advance planning. Double up on school supplies in August and September while they’re cheap. Pack away half of the supplies to be used in the second half of the school year. For your student, it will be just as fun as getting school goodies at the beginning of the year.  This is true for children that are home schooled so make sure if this is your child’s mode of learning, that they have new supplies too.

While your student can use the same textbook year round, it helps to restock supplemental books that can be used to enhance school lessons. These books help your student get a head start on their second semester lessons. Music books, workbooks and coloring books will probably be filled up,  worn out, and need replacing. Add in school supplies to your holiday shopping budget and save money on the things that your child needs for school.

New Clothes for a New Season

The biggest item you will need to replenish for the school year is clothing. Your child will need new clothing for the change in season. Have the best dressed child in school with new dresses, pants, sweaters and accessories. Children can be rough on their clothes so it’s imperative that you find quality crafted clothing that will grow with your child.

Even the youngest students will need new clothing after the holiday break. Active play and activities wear out clothes quickly. Get the best skirts, jeans, slacks and shirts for your little one by shopping sales and buying well made clothing. By purchasing quality clothing that can outlast even the most enthusiastic play time, you will be getting the best value for your money.

Restocking school supplies after the holiday break is crucial for school success. Stock up on pencils, art supplies, notebooks and trendy outfits for your star student. Shop online today.

Creating a Payroll System for Your Home Based Business

by Tina on December 10, 2012
category: Finances

When you start a home based business and you are the only employee, things can be simple.  When you look to expand, hire employees and build your business, this can get a bit confusing.  Good business owners know the importance of organization but they might not realize that streamlining duties like payroll services can save them time and give them confidence in their management skills.  Since the employee payroll process can often create the most distressing problems, it is important that you find the right program for your needs.

Finding the Right Program

You will want to find a payroll program that is not too expensive but gives you all the tools to manage all of your employees.  Payroll services like Intuit QuickBooks Payroll can give you both confidence and peace of mind.  The program is so easy to use that you will feel like a pro.  This program offers a one stop shop to completing all of your payroll needs in just a few easy steps. You can enter your employees hours, print checks or even use free direct deposit in just a few easy clicks of the keyboard.

This service should be a top choice because you can access everything for creating a streamlined payroll system from paying employees to paying federal and state payroll taxes.Another aspect to consider is having a program that will allow you to remotely pay employees.  If you are out of town on pay day, all you need to do is hit the computer for a few minutes, log hours and send payment to your employees almost instantly!  You can also pay yourself using this program so that you insure that you receive a salary too.

Payroll Taxes

Figuring out what payroll taxes you owe can be stressful and making errors can also be costly. Federal and State requirements are confusing and finding the answers you need can be frustrating.  The great thing with Intuit Quickbooks is that the program figures out everything for you!

It not only calculates what you owe but also reminds you when to pay it!  One of the biggest benefits is it also allows you to e-pay with just a couple clicks of the keyboard.  This will insure that you are paying the taxes you owe, when you owe it.  Small businesses cannot afford to get behind on payroll taxes.  The ease at which this program operates is also a bonus because it is so easy to use and is not a strain on your already busy schedule.  The program tracks, organizes and updates everything you need to be a success.

Nothing is more confusing than having to use multiple resources to manage your payroll.  This program lets you organize what you need to be successful.  Having a one stop, easy to use program will make you feel more confident and allow you to focus on other things in your business.  Running your own home business and balancing family life can be hard but knowing that you have the resources to meet payroll needs is one of the best things you could ever wish for besides a successful business!

The Importance of Health Checks for Our Kids

by Tina on December 4, 2012
category: Children’s Health

Putting off annual exams and blood work puts your health and your children’s health at risk. Visits and checkups can prevent chronic and risky disease from spreading or worsening, and let unchecked, these types if illnesses can negatively affect the health of children, especially. You can become informed of any problems before they advance. Getting a simple checkup once a year for yourself and the kids is the easiest way to ensure that you stay healthy.

Getting Blood Work

Blood work can detect high cholesterol, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, infections and even heart-related conditions. A blood panel can also determine whether you may have diabetes. Getting yearly blood work is the only way to ensure that all of your numbers are where they should be. You can find discount blood work online to save money on this costly necessity for your health. Think back to your family and relatives – has there been any blood or immune-related illnesses that might be present in you or your kids? A simple checkup can reveal some answers.

Physical Exam

A physical exam is a good idea for patients of all ages, especially for kids thinking about joining sports. Making sure your body is in tip-top shape will allow you to avoid unwanted illness or injury. An exam usually tests your bones, vision and addresses other concerns you may have for your health. Dealing with kids around the clock certainly takes an emotional and mental toll on even the most fit and active mothers, but physical fatigue is just as common, and typically pushed to the back burner.

Preventative Shots

Vaccinations can make a world of difference in preventing health problems, and can prevent any number of sicknesses or illnesses with you or your kids. Most adults don’t need to worry about getting shots, but there are some that certain groups should always get, like young children, those working around young children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems, to name a few groups. A flu vaccine is especially useful during flu season for the elderly and children.

Understanding Your Health

If you never go in to see the doctor, then you won’t know if any health problems crop up. A majority of serious health complications have no symptoms. This includes heart disease, high cholesterol and even STDs. A simple checkup can make a huge difference in your quality of life, and for the life of your kids. Oftentimes, children do not know or do not care if they are not feeling well, and could be potentially damaging their tired bodies and immune systems even more. The cost of preventative care is much lower than the cost to treat severe conditions that have been able to progress.

Saving Money

You can save money when you participate in simple checkups each year, and many families with health care don’t even have to pay more than a small deductible. There are specific tests needed for certain groups of people at different intervals. Most adults need a cholesterol screening every five years. Overweight or at-risk individuals may need them more often. Mammograms are recommended for women over 40 every two years. These simple check ups can save tons of money, time and stress if they are taken seriously.

Don’t put off your health checkups. Doing so can result in sickness that may be debilitating or costly to treat, and lifelong sicknesses for children left untreated. If you want to prevent disease and illness, then go to that one or two hour appointment once per year. Don’t risk your health – be active in staying healthy.

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