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Are You a Social Media Mom?

by Richel on July 5, 2013
category: Healthy Mom,Practical Tips

The Internet and the launch of social media has completely revolutionized the world of communication in more ways than many people may think. Over 1.2 billion currently use the most popular social media platform Facebook, according to Socialnomics.

A more impressive figure, though, is that a large number of them are mothers. Studies have confirmed that over 75 percent of the mothers in America use this particular website, according to Nielsen. There are several key points that could explain why mothers enjoy using social media as much as they do.  moms and social media

It Allows Them to Express Themselves

One of the main reasons that mothers enjoy using the Internet overall is because it allows them to be able to express their thoughts and feelings publicly. Close to 40 percent of mothers around the world even write an online blog and over 60 percent read other blogs at least monthly, according to Forbes and NextWeb.

Moms are a powerful group on the social media landscape.  So much so that companies build whole engagement platforms around moms and their connections to friends, families and followers through blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook fan bases.

Even though there are a small percentage of people that make a living writing blogs, over 30 percent of bloggers throughout the country are mothers, according to HubSpot.

Social media platforms allow them to express themselves even further to their family, friends and the general public. Moms are influencers, the have powerful voices and they consistently provide insight, connecting to moms all over the world.

Moms Use Social Media to be Better Home Economists

With over 15 million businesses that currently use Facebook, many people are able to find great shopping deals, promotions and sales that are advertised through this particular website, according to VentureBeat.com.

There is a huge following of moms that use social media to coupon, find deals, find free stuff and find out where the latest sales are in their communities.  The talk about meal planning, saving money and how to get the most for their family’s budget.

Close to 60 percent of mothers currently use their mobile devices to shop and almost 90 percent of those mothers find great deals through staying connected to a wholesale forum online as well as social media platforms, according to Comm Pro and Baby Center.

Throughout the day, the average mother can search for effective ways to save time and increase productivity. By combining mobile technology with social media they connect with other parents, share information and build virtual relationships.

Staying Socially Connected to Others

Many mothers throughout the world are housewives, homemakers, or work from home so they will spend a substantial amount of time in their home rather than out in their community.

Social media allows them to focus on caring for the needs of their household while also paying attention to their own personal needs to stay connected to the outside world. They are always able to find out what is going on in the lives of the people that they care about without having to leave their front door.

There are many different reasons why so many people find social media appealing, but it is clear that the main reasons why there are so many mothers that are captivated by it are shopping, social connections and the ability to express their thoughts and feelings to the world.

What’s your opinion?  Are you a social media mom?

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