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Six Ways to Save on Cosmetics

by Tina on November 3, 2011
category: Finances

As women we love our cosmetics and we spend a fair amount of money on them every year.  However when we need to shave costs in our lives and save money we must look for effective ways to do that in every area we can think of- that includes our beloved cosmetics! Here we look at some ways to save as much money as possible when we purchase makeup.

  • Do you wear makeup on a regular basis and is it a part of your daily routine or do you wear it occasionally, such as when you have a date, a job interview or a special event to attend? Consider when you wear makeup and how much it matters to you and then gear your shopping habits in that direction. Ladies who wear makeup every day will spend more money on cosmetics than those that wear it infrequently. Those in the former group will need to work harder to spend less on such a purchase.
  • Buying cosmetics is often about trial and error. You go to the store, select a product that you hope- fingers crossed- will be suitable for your face but you take your chances. Perhaps it will become your latest favorite product but maybe it will fall flat and you will have wasted $20 or $15 or $10. But you didn’t need that money anyway, right? Wrong! Of course you did! Every cent counts which is why you should search for stores that allow you to try cosmetic products before you buy them. In this way your money will not be wasted.
  • If there are no such stores in your community then you will be glad to know that some retailers offer their customers refunds or exchanges if they are not happy with the products they have purchased. Find out what the policy of a store is before you buy any type of cosmetic.
  • Figure out which cosmetic products mean the most to you and from there decide which ones are worth spending more money on and which ones are not as important. If you love mascara because it makes your eyes look bigger then put more of your cosmetic dollars towards this item and less towards say your foundation, blush or powder.
  • Applying makeup properly is often more important than buying expensive brands. For that reason purchase quality cosmetic brushes, applicators and sponges and learn the proper means of caring for them. By so doing they will last longer and you will not have to replace them as often. It will also make for a more professional look for you! When you buy good brushes then buying cheaper cosmetics will not be a huge issue.
  • If one of your compacts gets broken such as your blush or eye shadow case then do not throw it out but instead save your broken cosmetic by scraping what is left of it into a small container or jar that has a good lid. Your money will not be wasted when you do this nor will the product. You can continue to use it until it is all gone.

When your birthday or Christmas is on the way put a bug in the ears’ of your loved ones and friends and tell them that you would love a gift card for makeup purchases or money that you can use to buy some new cosmetics. Receiving money or gift cards for holidays can help a lot when you need some new products.

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    Comment by Buy cosmetic
    November 3, 2011 @ 11:58 pm

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