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Stop Being a Wardrobe Wallflower- Looking Good is Easier than You Might Think

by Tina on March 29, 2012
category: Practical Tips

You have been noticing of late that your style is well … not so upbeat (admit it, totally drab) and this has you wanting to make some changes in the way you look. There is something missing in your style that no longer grabs your attention or anyone else’s anymore. You feel bored when you look at yourself in the mirror. This is not a good sign for anyone. What should you do about this  wardrobe problem of yours?

It is really not a problem and you should not view it as such. In fact it can be an adventure you embark upon to revamp and reinvent your sense of style. It can be fun and challenging and it can provide insight into who you really are. Looking good my friend is much easier than you might think!

Change Your Thinking

Take a close look at your wardrobe. You might want to invite a friend along to give you an objective opinion. If your wardrobe is devoid of any lively colors and all you see is neutrals such as brown, gray and black hanging in your closest then that is a good place to start. The same can be said for your style of clothing. If all you have is jeans and tee shirts or if you own six brown sweaters then you need to add some pep to your wardrobe.

Do some shopping but visit stores that you usually do not go into. Take the friend whom you feel has the best fashion sense with you. Try on different colors and styles. Just have fun with it. By trying on a spectrum of different colors and by mixing and matching separates your clothing ideas will start to take you in a new and exciting direction. It will open your eyes to what you have not been seeing!

You cannot picture yourself wearing a lavender dress? Try it on anyway. What about a turquoise blouse? A little bright for you maybe? Or perhaps it brings more color to your face and shows off your amazing facial features?  Open your mind to the possibilities. This is not the time to be a wardrobe wallflower. You need to get creative and you need to push past your wardrobe boundaries. Have your friends be a part of the process because you want their opinions. You must have at least one friend who will give it to you straight, right?

You may want to ease into wearing brighter colors at a gradual pace. We don’t want to stress you out too much. The same can be said if you have been wearing solid colors for longer than you can remember. Give patterns and prints a try but start small and do not choose anything that is overpowering or busy looking. You want to look good but you want to be the focal point of interest for others and not your blouse, dress, skirt, jacket, etc.

Bringing back the life and vibrancy into the outfits you wear is just a matter of the willingness to experiment with new styles and new colors. You do not have to settle for being a wardrobe wallflower. You can decide that  you need to enliven your look and from there you can recruit your fashion savvy pals to help you to send dull, depressing clothing away and to replace them with bright stylish choices that make you look as fantastic as you are!

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    Comment by amanda
    April 16, 2012 @ 8:16 am

    I feel as tho im trying to phase out of a teen/junior style and get into a maturer mom style…that seems to be hard in todays world :( i feel like everything is either made for old people (grandmas) or young teens (none with kids) i dont want mom pants but i also dont want a juniors fit. i want my shirts to say mature and fun instead of hide the clevage!!!!!!!!!!!

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